Diablo III: New Services Added for Your Convenience

I would rather call it a hot fix as you do not have to download to enjoy the new services. But if you are careful enough, you would find the two new services yourselves. One is Add to Favorite. And the other is Facebook Activity. You can find both icons at the home page. If you have other constructive ideas to make your experience in our store more interesting, please let us know.

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Facebook Activity: In the middle of our home page where you could find the two discount coupons, we recently have added the Facebook Activity as well. Click the Facebook activity link and it would direct you to our news “Diablo III: Like Our Facebook Community to Get Member Points Bonuses” where you would find the rules to take part in this activity. Once you register to be our member and like our Facebook Community, we would reward you with 99 member points. In our store, 100 member points can be exchanged into 500K D3 Gold. If you invite your friends to like our page, you would get more surprises.

We would announce the important activity updates and special discount coupons at our news part. Please keep a close eye at our news and enjoy the latest service. Now come and join us at our Facebook Page to get the free Diablo 3 Gold give away.


D3 recording his experience of speed!

Diablo 3 was officially launched, and I am sure that all are enjoying the game so far. They are probably even vendoring and recover all the pieces of gear that you find that you can’t find a use for. To save time with the following character, I invite you to register any vehicle to find decent experience. Even if it is 3 levels, recording his experience of speed!

Why? Because the experience can cut gears until game time to 20%. The only problem is that you should follow to update the equipment or experience bonus will not be sufficient to its current level. You have a lot of games of experience developing all levels little “helpful.” It is not necessary to complete the set, some pieces to make a difference for the next character, and the next and the next…

If you are short on space and do not want to update the common objects, just create some additional characters, and move the shifter on a shared basis, as a place of temporary detention.

This will also save money in the long term, but with the time it takes to update the shared cache to avoid losing time moving items between characters.

This is your suggestion, for now, stop reading and go to play Diablo 3!

Diablo 3 Stream Gear Set Giveaway

Win a Free Set of Gear!

Each and every week we will be giving away a full set of gear to one lucky viewer of our stream. Winners will be able to select the class and spec the gear is designed for, so don’t worry about winning something you can’t even use. Each gear set will be able to farm at least MP5, allowing you to quickly gear up your main character or a freshly rolled alt.

How to Enter

Entering the giveaway is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow our Twitch.tv channel and watch the stream! Roughly once an hour, we will select a random viewer and enter their name into the giveaway list. At the end of each week (Friday), we will then take the entire list and randomly choose the giveaway winner. That person will then have one week to reply back to us, or they forfeit their prize.

Since we’re drawing giveaway “contestants” roughly once an hour, that means the more you watch, the better your odds of winning. You can have your name entered into the giveaway more than once, so make sure you tune in as much as possible to maximize your chances.

To re-cap, all you need to do for a chance at winning is:

» Must have a registered Twitch.tv account.
» Must “Follow” our stream channel.
» Tune into our stream to increase your odds!

Rules & Limitations

Sadly, this giveaway is only for the North American servers. I haven’t ever played on the EU or Asia servers, therefore I don’t have any funds available to me over there. If any of you want to donate some gold though so I can expand this giveaway to the other regions, send me (Unseen) a message here on the site or on Twitch (ManaPot).

You are only allowed to win one contest every three months. This is to help keep it fair and give everybody a chance at winning some loot.

Your name may be entered into the giveaway list more than once. So even if you get entered, keep on watching! It will only help to increase your odds of winning.

Being banned from our stream chat means that you are disqualified from the giveaway as well. It takes quite a bit to get banned anyways, so nobody should have an issues with this. 🙂

2012 SpikeTV Video Game Awards

The tenth anniversary of Spike TV’s Video Game Awards is happening this week, and Diablo III has been honored with nominations for both Best PC Game and Best RPG of 2012. (GLORIOUS!)

Tune into Spike TV (or watch online at Spike.com) on Friday, December 7, at 9:00 p.m. EST/6:00 p.m. PST to catch all the action, including exclusive world premieres, live performances by Tenacious D and Linkin’ Park, and snappy one-liners from celebrity presenters.

Head on over to for all the gory details, or stay tuned for updates via as well as the hashtag .





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In diablo 3,there are a bunch of ways about making money. However, most times we found they are almost useless because normally they are talking about the same thing again and again. Here will share with you the top five ways to make diablo 3 gold in October.

The first thing you should remember is Diablo 3 Gold Cheap that time is everything. Keep in mind that there are natural changes on prices during the week. Buy off the gold in the AH when things are cheap and sell when prices are high. Remember to catch the right time.

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Tip 3. Get to know some information about Blizzard ban account. There are plenty of gold transactions everyday, if every gold transaction could be banned, can you image how much work should be done by Blizzard? They simply ban the accounts come into their sight which do large gold transaction. So if you just want to Buy Diablo 3 Gold buy moderate quantity of gold, it will be safe enough. This tips is also very important for all players who often buy Diablo 3 Gold online, it will help you far away from some troubles.
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