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“Revelation Online” November 10 week version update maintenance content announcement

My dear Player:

This week the maintenance time for November 10 8: 00-11: 00 am. After this update the game version number is 1.0.209

Key Update Announcements:

1. Players will experience the recent play to adjust the planning, the main purpose of the game in order to promote the players involved in play, reduce the frequency of pre-single task, adjusted to continue, welcome to the players positive feedback.

2. Friends of the recent invitation system will usher in a comprehensive upgrade revision, please do not receive the reward of the Pa Pa seize the time to receive rewards.

System play optimization

In line with the game system is more simple and easy to understand, we will continue to online items / tasks / system to simplify, welcome to actively adjust the feedback problem!

1. [Key Activities] Relevant adjustments:

[Cloud Shang Yu Department of Commerce] activities will be updated on November 10 after the carnival opened. Not only recharge the big feedback, ultra-multi-coupon can receive, there are more appearance and practical props rare large discount.

The new version of the benefits of ex-gratia system service on-line, many benefits can go to the benefits panel and preferential panel view it!

Dual 11-related activities on the line, in the clouds of the mainland, whether you have a deed or still single, this year’s dual 11, will have their own carnival Festival Oh.

Let ‘s have Valentine’ s Day next year

When the players on November 11, there is a deed partner, they can team up to the NPC if the registration, if next year’s February 14 the same day, the two are still bond relationship, and the degree of intimacy to life and death deed, namely Can be in the NPC to receive a special award, pay attention to receive only the same day Oh reward.

Rewards include: signature exclusive signature headdress – empty Cuiguan, fireworks, space gifts

Tip: If the players deed, the original registration of the qualifications will be immediately canceled, need to re-register.

Knot of the oath

When the players in the November 12 and after the conclusion of partners, they can team up to the NPC if the Department of registration, if in the first 100 days and after, the two are still deeds, and the degree of intimacy to life and death, You can receive a special reward at NPC.

Rewards include: signature exclusive signature headdress – empty Cuiguan, fireworks, space gifts

Tip: If the players deed, the original registration of the qualifications will be immediately canceled, need to re-register.

Knot anniversary award

When the player and the deed of the deed in the deed of the anniversary (only the day) can go to the NPC if the plume to receive a special anniversary bonus. And will be in the world channel for notice, so that the majority of the common people to witness your love than Jinjian.

Anniversary awards include: massive experience, cloud coupons, fireworks, space gifts.

Single also happy

Each outstanding player in the double 11 during the event (November 10 to November 17) can be in the NPC [red inflammation] at the Department to receive a special gift from a new generation of Yan technology research and development products: Wing Night card early dolls limited experience of the gift box, open the first time can be randomly limited to a doll, you can Mody what da, but also touch the pop, free home! There may be out of mysterious, pupil of the Ming Oh doll!

2. [God system] related adjustments:

The following adjustment will be in full service on-line this week.

Tianlun heaven slot, to wheel the godhead slot, the origin of the gods slot according to the role level open, no longer rely on the god plate.

Due to heaven system revision, angry scales, the Imperial Society of the sale of the plate will be off the shelf, the other heavenly plate delivery channels are adjusted accordingly. If the player found missing places, please timely feedback.

God plate function adjustment:

(1) the goddess of disc set in the goddess of disc slot, the decision to awaken the conditions and effects, the divine grid slot unlock level to 55.

② equipment, the case of the godhead crystal, you can directly remove the god plate. Remove the supernatural disc, the equipment has been equipped with the godhead crystal is still within the godhead slot, but the goddess of discernment corresponding to the automatic failure.

③ Please go to the city of Adventure Zone, Royal Park community (please ask the wizard to NPC coordinates) to buy a new heaven plate, the old gods disk failure.

Note: Right-click the old gods grid can be found directly to the NPC Kefu Department to receive revision awards (Su Lan Academy has been released last week, this week is no longer updated).

Awakening rule adjustment:

① inspired day round awakening: days round mosaic of the eternal godhead crystal grade and meet certain conditions, can activate the day round awakening, an additional increase in property.

(2) to stimulate the round of awakening: to round the mosaic of the cycle of the god cell crystal level and meet certain conditions, can be activated to round awakening, an additional increase in property.

③ the source of heaven no longer need days to wake up after the round turn.

3. [the main task] related adjustments:

Optimize the “Red Empty” Chidi main chapter in the chapter “Dianshi Enron” This section of the task scene atmosphere performance, and fine-tune the task ring. Unfinished tasks “Enchanting Arsenal” or have completed the “border fengyun · tracing” of the players will not be affected, in this stage of the middle stage of the task player, the task will fall back to receive the “stone Enron arrangements Appropriate “state.

This week will be part of the task level and incentives to adjust:

① the main line of the early tasks will be a certain level of the post-shift, which, about the midnight from the original adjustment of the 20 to 30. Ming about the lower section of the night from the original 30-level adjustment to 40. Cang ancient trip from the original 35 to 44, Cang ancient trip from the middle of the original 40 to 47, Cang ancient trip down from the original 46 to 49, true red Of the air from the original 50-level adjustment to 52.

② At the same time a substantial increase in experience, monetary incentives, the corresponding level of equipment to adjust the task according to the adjustment.

③ due to changes in the task caused by equipment upgrades, some of the players who will be equipped with the task of equipment failure because of the level of reason. To this end we will compensate the player 12 task equipment compensation order, the player can be exchanged in the Ke-float blue equipment and the corresponding purple equipment, the equipment store for 2 weeks. Players do not need to exchange equipment can also be used [task equipment compensation order] in exchange for 500 cloud coupons.

④ a large number of anecdotal tasks to remove experience reward, a substantial increase in money, prestige awards. Please experience, money has different needs of the players to arrange the task order.

4. [Experience] mission related adjustments:

As the game updates and modify the content of the life experience of the corresponding overall update to ensure that all types of guide content can be accurate and timely provided to the players.

The new version of the experience will give a lot of experience and items reward, reward more lucrative.

The realm of breakthrough tasks from the part of the task of stripping, not completed the task of life experience players can complete the task, enhance the realm.

As a result of changes in the experience of a larger task, the player’s original experience of the progress of the task will be changed, the player can access tasks in the task panel can view the current access to the experience of life tasks.

5. [System] related adjustments:

Optimize the day oracle photo model under the save.

Sweep code recharge function on-line, and in the dream of Su Lan] [Star Velvet flower language] [Amidst Canglan] [Clouds Fox Palace] [Autumn Cantabile] [Jinyu Liangyuan] server release experience, follow-up will be full-service open, details Please pay attention to the official announcement.

6. [National War] related adjustments:

Wang list of ranking rules are adjusted to: first determine the number of wins against the server, win the same number of cases, and then determine the victory points

7.] [Fairy Inn-related adjustments:

Every cloud down the flourishing, the major furniture family has introduced a number of new furniture drawings, the players can be grateful to life skills in the interface to find the corresponding new furniture drawings.

Long Yue boss new culture of a group of flowers, including crimson, moon and other colors, the players can find flowers in the inn lobby where the little girl, in the purchase of their favorite flowers, these flowers can be used to dress up their homes.

NOTE: These flowers can be rotated at an angle in the vertical direction according to the [Z] or [C] key.

All home baths add splashing action.

All home baths can help players return to the body brain, a maximum of 25 points a day to restore physical, mental 25 points.

8. After confirmation by the players after the second, Su Lan academy players can carry hand-loaded and talisman to serve (before is not allowed), but to serve at the same time, these equipment can be tied to the number of times will be set to 0 .

9. Team optimization in the [love such as first seen] experience the end of the update in the version off the assembly line.

10. Personal space added floor display.

BUG fixes:

1. Repair to do the task, the right track bar will automatically switch to the “resident” to guide the problem.

2. Repair mercenary regional channel and the enemy announcement camp wrong problem.

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