FIFA 16: 5 Most Promising Youngsters in Career Mode

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FIFA 16 is on the shelves,so go get it if you haven’t already.

And if you do have it,well you’re probably wondering who to sign in Career Mode.But never fear,here’s your answers.What follows are the five young players with the highest potential ratings in the game.You can buy them use fifa 16 coins.

Centre-back Top Picks: Ja?ro Riedewald & Tin Jedvaj (£6.5 million,£6 million)
It’s well documented that the Dutch National Team is currently under the cosh due to a plethora of problems,ranging from inept managing and tactical suppositions,to under-performing players and a general disinterest in how the team fairs.If there’s one thing they can take solace in,however,it’s just how many insanely talented youngsters they have rising up the ranks.One such player,and indeed one half of our centre-back partnership,is Ja?ro Riedewald,Ajax’s energetic and tough-tackling superstar who you have to think will be transferring to one of the biggest teams on the continent provided he continues his development arch in earnest.
With a stock rating of 75 and a potential for it to hit 86,(exactly the same in both respects to his defensive partner below) Riedewald’s inclusion is a no-brainer.
Few can argue against the Bundesliga being one of the best leagues in world football for atmosphere,skill,and general feel-good factor.It’s also got its fair share of precociously-talented youngsters,one of which being Tin Jedvaj,the Croatian centre-back starlet currently plying his trade with ambitious side Bayer Leverkusen.Don’t let the long hair and relatively timid exterior fool you,this youngster is the modern defensive package.
A tactically astute 19-year-old that excels in all areas of the centre-back playbook,Jedvaj’s stock rating of 75 grows to a well-balanced 86 proving conclusively that under the right tutelage this Croatian prodigy can light up any aspiring young team.

Left-Back Top Pick: Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov (recently joined)
Dzhamaldin Khodzhaniyazov is a name you don’t hear all too often,presumably because it’s a bit of a chore just to say it.With that said,one thing that cannot be doubted is his talent which has shone brightly ever since his debut for the Russian Under 21s last year.An enterprising left-back who’s effectively a jack of all trades,Khodzhaniyazov is just the sort of no-nonsense player that’s necessary for one of the most underrated areas of pitch.Providing cover and balance for when the left-side of midfield wants to go on an adventure up field,the Turkmen-born whippersnapper is an excellent pick if you’re looking for steady improvement and longevity in the left-back position.He’s available for peanuts,too,once you can prise him from Danish club AGF.

Central Midfield Top Pick: Youri Tielemans (£11 million)
Astute players of last year’s iteration of FIFA should be well aware of Youri Tielemans,the midfield dynamo who,if he stays on course and realizes his potential,should be the most sought-after young midfielder in world football within two years.For us,he’s the first name on the team sheet.A skilled,dynamic midfielder,Tielemans has the highest potential in this year’s career mode,growing to a mind-melting 90 over the course of his career.A mainstay in our team since day one,the young Belgian commands a fee just over £11 million and is absolutely worth every penny for any ambitious side that has the financial clout to facilitate such a transfer.He begins with a stock rating of 76 which is in itself worthy of minutes no matter how prestigious your first XI is.
Like a conveyor belt in heat,Belgium has been producing talent after talent the past number of years and many believe that Tielemans has the potential to reach the zenith of world football.We do,too.

Goalkeeper Top Pick: Kepa Arrizabalaga (on loan)
As mentioned in the previous FIFA 16 career mode bargain buys article,it’s never too hard to find a young ‘keeper who’s incredibly highly rated in FIFA.They’re a dime a dozen in fact.In light of that,it’s best we go with a player whose first name is as close to the word ‘keeper’ as possible.In step Kepa Arrizabalaga,a stock 74-rated behemoth currently plugging away on loan at Real Valladolid with eyes on a far bigger prize in the future.
While not on the level of the likes of David De Gea and Thibaut Courtois just yet,Arrizabalaga hits his stride with a rating of 87,which comfortably cements him as one of the most promising ‘keepers around and a definitive choice between the sticks for this particular team.

Right-Back Top Pick: Kenny Tete (£5.5 million)
When considering a suitor for the right-back position there’s a lot of aspects you’ve got to weigh up.Given that the position,along with the opposite flank,requires an inordinate amount of concentration and a keen realization of the balance between attack and defense,you’ve got to find a talent that has all these traits in abundance,and one such player that has,is Dutch youngster Kenny Tete.A player who’s as defensive sharp as he is adept at bombing up the field,Tete very much encompasses the modern full-back and as such is a shoo-in for inclusion within nearly any starting XI.
Beginning his journey with a rating of 75,(peaking at 83) Tete can dominate the right-side area of the pitch for any allotted time provided you see it fit to slot him in at full-back.

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My Problems So Far on FIFA 16

My Problems So Far on FIFA 16

I’ve had Fifa 16 for 3 days now and am already having problems with it. Although it has good features mainly pace isn’t everything.

For example in Fifa 15 you could have 64 rated Oduro who had really bad starts except for pace playing better than 88 rated van persie who had better stats in everything but pace. Thats changed thank god but there are two things in Fifa 16 that i already hate…. Referee’s and Passing.

Referees are insanely strict and will call everything a foul which just slows down play and leads to bullshit sending offs.

But easily the worst thing about the game is the passing. Now that pace isn’t such a big deal i’d say passing is the most important stat, Instead of just running through defenses with Doumbia you have to pick out a pass , But seeing that the passing in this game is awful thats a little hard. So far i’d say that 2/3 passes for me have been unsuccessful. Its always getting intercepted and its not like my team is full of terrible passers the average is passing is 70. Yet its more like they all have 20 passing. Well thanks for reading me vent post in the comments if your having similar issues or not.

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FIFA 16: Main Features About Ultimate Team


EA Sports recently announced FUT Draft,which is a new way to enjoy and play FIFA Ultimate Team,on FIFA 16.The FUT Draft is a team building mode that gives users five player draw per position,to select from.

Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng and Barcelona’s Jeremy Mathieu lead the way for the list of six defenders that have an in-game strength rating of 90.As shown on the individual cards,the Physical and Defensive attributes of the players average in the 80s.These are the strong towers you need in the heart of your defense!Use fifa 16 coins buy these players.

If you haven’t yet,download the FIFA Mobile App and enter for a chance to win,as these cards are now available.

FIFA 16 Mobile Description

FIFA has a new name in iOS,Android and Windows Phone devices.Now it is ‘EA Sports FIFA’ instead of FIFA 16 Mobile as almost everyone expected.

Play beautiful – on mobile!EA Sports FIFA let’s celebrate every awesome attack,nail-biting goal,and powerful win like never before with console-like graphics.Experience the most realistic set of football features on this game.

Here are the main features of this game:

All New-Engine

Get ready for better skill moves,more exciting goals,more responsive controls,smarter team mates and improved animations.Plus,now it’s even easier to play like a pro Enhanced Hybrid Controls that let you use Gestures or Buttons to control the ball.Gain improved offside awareness and more with Attacking Intelligence,then blow past defenders with ease.Also,for the first tie on mobile,you can trigger unique player celebrations on the pitch after you score.

Build and Manage your Ultimate Team

Earn,trade and transfer superstars like Lionel Messi,Jordan Henderson and Juan Cuadrado to create your own fantasy team.Choose your play style,formation,kits and more,then balance player chemistry for the strongest squad compositions.

Real World Football

Choose from over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams and go to battle against other players from real leagues in real arenas from around the world.Recreate challenges from current live-event football matches,too,with Dynamic Accomplishments.

Player Exchange

Now trade players and items you no longer need for a chance of unlocking something better.The higher value item or player you trade,the better the upgrade you’ll get back!

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How to Play FIFA 16


There comes a time when sluggishly picking up your controller and prodding the buttons until you manage a 1-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t quite fulfil your gaming needs. You have became complacent and lazily worked out a generic winning formula that grinds out results as you lie horizontal in your pyjama bottoms and yearn for the enthusiasm that once circulated through your veins.


The margin for victory in football can sometimes be small,which means that scoring technique is quite possibly the most important aspect of any player’s skillset.You may only have a few opportunities to score per game,so here are some ways to assure you make the most of your chances in FIFA 16 and earn more fifa coins.


Both near-post and far-post finishing have been improved in this year’s game.When a player enters the box at an angle,aim toward the near post.Once the thumb stick is aimed,press the shoot button and fill the power meter no more than two and one-half bars.In tight games,always remember to underpower your shots,rather than overpowering them.Even if a shot is underpowered,the keeper will have to make a save,and oftentimes,this can lead to rebounds in the middle of the box that can result in game-winning goals.If you try to get fancy and hit a harder shot,the ball will sail out of play and the opportunity will be completely wasted.Far-post scoring has been improved to a point that it has become a viable option with either foot when entering the box from a more direct angle.


If a player is approaching at a tight angle and has the ball on his or her strong foot,activate the finesse shot with R1/RB.Rather than shooting the ball directly at the keeper,the shot will be struck with the inside of the foot,kicking the ball wider and applying side spin to bend the ball around the keeper into the far corner of the net.The finesse shot is most effective when a player is running horizontally across the face of the goal,allowing him or her to start the shot wide enough to curl in.Using finesse is also the best way to catch a goalie flat-footed from outside the box.


There will be times when there is high-pressure defense in the box,and the keeper will be within 5-10 meters of you.The best option in these situations is to try to sneak in a ground goal.Quickly tap the shoot button to send a ground shot low and away from the keeper.This is without a doubt the most efficient way to score close-range goals.


Scoring with power shots from outside the box is risky.Always look for teammates in support when on the attack.Long shots can go in sometimes,but oftentimes looking for support play can lead to better angles for shots and the potential to catch the keeper off guard.Be sure to utilize the Passing with Purpose feature by holding R1/RB while passing across the box with pace to expose a potential opening.


Let’s recap…


– Use finesse shots when shooting from tight angles,and from corners of the box.


– Tap the shoot button to send a ground shot under the goalie at close range.


– Use less power to be safe.Saved shots can create rebounds and big opportunities.


Perfecting these tactics will take time and practice,but once you master these killer finishing tactics,you’ll start winning games with ease.

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Some Thing About FIFA 16’S Update


EA Sports has released a second update patch for FIFA 16 that addresses numerous things.

The second update patch for FIFA 16 is now available for PS4 and PC. The same update should be available for Xbox Owners at a later date EA describes.

One of the advantages EA have in releasing a game every year is that most of the foundation work has already been laid so normally there isn’t too much that needs to be done after the game’s release.

Lionel Messi reprises his role as cover star for the new FIFA 16 game.

This latest update looks at goalkeepers,a long-term problem for FIFA,with a small tweak improving their positioning and rushing out.

The fact that this is only a small fix goes to show just how hard EA have worked to improve keepers for this year’s game and for the most part they have definitely got it right.

Other changes to the game has looked at the FIFA trainer,a shot sometimes being called as a goal when it wasn’t,and kit clashes with the referee.

In Career Mode wages have been redesigned to be more realistic and there have been a number of changes made to Ultimate Team.

They are very minor fixes but together they should help fix a few problems in Ultimate Team at the moment and they’ll certainly be good news for players experiencing these issues.

It’s available now,you can buy a FIFA 16 account to try it.