These Player You Should Own In FIFA 16

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There’s plenty of debate about which players are the best in FIFA 16, but we believe we’ve distilled down the greatest players the game has to need.

1.Hachim Mastour

Neves may seem like a bargain,but he certainly isn’t the cheapest of all the wonderkids on this list.Hachim Mastour can be prised away from AC Milan for just 1.7 million fifa coins,a price so low it’s almost cheating.And with current wages of just £5,000,he’ll happily develop in your reserves without costing the world.

The 17-year-old central attacking midfielder is a must-buy purely based on his potential.He starts at 67 but could rise as high as 87,an enormous growth at such a low cost.Whether you’re a lower side looking for current quality,or an elite team investing in the future,he simply must be one of your first signings in any saved game.

2.Kelechi Iheanacho

Kelechi Iheanacho may have one of the most unpronounceable names in world football,but he also represents one of the biggest bargains.The 18-year-old has just one year left on his contract,meaning you can snap him up for under the £1 million mark.
You’ll instantly receive electric pace and a 68-Overall striker,but over time he could shoot up to become an 85 rated world class striker.I would say he’s absolutely worth the risk,but quite simply,there is no risk.He’s too cheap not to sign,and if you can pick him up for a Championship side,you’ll be laughing all the way to the Premier League and/or the bank.

3.Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ladies and gentlemen,I present to you,Zlatan Ibrahimovic… FOR FREE.The Swede sensation needs no description.If you haven’t seen him play,you’re living on another planet and missing out big time on one of the world’s finest strikers.
Ibrahimovic’s contract expires at the end of the first season,so you can swoop down and pick him up for free.He’s peaked,but his 89 rating can’t slide too far immediately,meaning he’ll be a great pickup for any team in the world.His wages could be astronomical,but the lack of a transfer fee will balance that out.And it’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

4.Aymeric Laporte

Aymeric Laporte could turn out to be the greatest defender on the game.£36 million is a steep,steep fee for anyone,let alone a 21-year-old,but he’s already developed into an 83-Rated talent.Use your powers of negotiation to knock the price below the £30m mark to soften the blow to your bank account,but for any price,he’d be an immense pick up.
The central defensive rock has the potential to rise up to 87,a figure he will surely achieve,and already he comes with a set of defensive stats to rival almost anyone in the world.85 Interceptions,85 Heading,86 Marking,88 Standing Tackle,85 Sliding Tackle and 83 Strength.He’s ready made for any team in the world.If you’ve got the money,he’s quite simply worth parting with it.

5.Breel Donald Embolo

The beauty of Breel Donald Embolo is that he can be picked up by almost any Premier League side for around the £10 million mark and with his current contract sitting at just £15,000 p/w,he’s not going to cost the Earth to keep happy on a long-term deal.
The 18-year-old is already 76-Overall but he has a potential rating of 88.In his current state,he’s an all-action centre forward capable of leading the line alone or with a partner.He is pace and power personified.You may want to give him training routines to boost his finishing and

6.Fabio Coentrao

Fabio Coentrao is neither a new name,nor is he the most exciting name in world football,but if you’re a top team looking for a top-rated left back,he’s your man.He’s 80-Overall and is an excellent all-round full back,with average ratings for every single attribute,with some exceptional ones thrown in for good measure.
Real Madrid are letting him for for a maximum price of 15.5 million fifa coins,though once again,using your haggling powers,that price could tumble down.One of the most remarkable things about Coentrao is that despite his age,27,he’s still got room to improve up to 83.That puts him just behind David Alaba and Jordi Alba as the best left left back in the world.Snap him up and squeeze every last drop of potential from him.