Some Thing About FIFA 16’S Update


EA Sports has released a second update patch for FIFA 16 that addresses numerous things.

The second update patch for FIFA 16 is now available for PS4 and PC. The same update should be available for Xbox Owners at a later date EA describes.

One of the advantages EA have in releasing a game every year is that most of the foundation work has already been laid so normally there isn’t too much that needs to be done after the game’s release.

Lionel Messi reprises his role as cover star for the new FIFA 16 game.

This latest update looks at goalkeepers,a long-term problem for FIFA,with a small tweak improving their positioning and rushing out.

The fact that this is only a small fix goes to show just how hard EA have worked to improve keepers for this year’s game and for the most part they have definitely got it right.

Other changes to the game has looked at the FIFA trainer,a shot sometimes being called as a goal when it wasn’t,and kit clashes with the referee.

In Career Mode wages have been redesigned to be more realistic and there have been a number of changes made to Ultimate Team.

They are very minor fixes but together they should help fix a few problems in Ultimate Team at the moment and they’ll certainly be good news for players experiencing these issues.

It’s available now,you can buy a FIFA 16 account to try it.