Some problems on FIFA 15 servers yesterday

The EA servers are down yesterday on January 22 caused by some unknow reasons. There are some issues with FIFA 15, and we find that BF4 and Madden NFL 15 servers having problems too.

EA servers,  Down, FIFA 15If you are just about to play a round of FUT, you’ll have to wait as for the moment you can’t log into FUT. As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t been any prior indication that this was planned EA server maintenance today across all games, so hopefully we’re not talking about an attack of some sort.

Some problems on FIFA 15 servers yesterday

The official EA FIFA account on Twitter mentions no planned maintenance, so hopefully EA are aware that the servers have just gone down globally and are working on a fix asap.

Which EA game were you playing just now and have been kicked out of online play? As we try to find some answers to the surprise downtime, let us know if the EA servers are down in your area.

Guys, Can you play the FIFA 15 now? Just watting patiently.