Some Experience Share About Diablo III Gold Making

Recently, I found many players searched for Diablo III gold making skills. Though I am not a veteran Diablo 3 player, I think I have some successful experience abount Diablo III gold making.

Clear out the 3 crypts in the Cemetery of the Forsaken, clear the large areas throughout act 1, then clear the 3 levels up to the butcher. It’s fairly easy, even with a large amount of gold find and nerfed stats.

Start at the Heart of Sin quest in Act 3 on Hell difficulty. Teleport to Rakki’s Crossing, run through until the end of the crossing, teleport to Core of Arreat, kill demons, kill Azmodan. On hell, he has a chance to drop level 63 and you will make about 400K+ an hour if you do it right.

Another good farming spec is the whirlwind barbarian. Farming act 3 with a WW barbarian is the main method of wealth farming of Kripparian.

If you are too lazy, you can buy Buy Diablo 3 Gold from RMAH, but you have to spend money. If you are willing to make money by yourself, flipping items on AH/RAMH is a good choice. However, you should be familiar with the economy of the AH. Just look for Diablo 3 items for sale with those stats: atk speed, Crit chance, crit damage, main stat, all resist and vit. You should learn some skills about make D3 items. I spend 15min to flip items on the RMAH. So far, I have been succeeded flipping windup wands (atk speed, ap per crit, crit damage, and/or socket) and rings and amulets. What I have to say is that it is really boring.

Farm inferno in Act 3 is usually the most popular method to make Diablo III gold.

You need to get good gear to be able to complete Act3 efficiently. Then I suggest you buy Diablo 3 items from online sites which are quite cheap. I usually use a windup wizard for that as it is by far the most efficient farming build for a given gear price, I think. You can jump from elite to elite by refreshing your wormhole cooldown on white mobs.