Best Dungeon To Farm Diablo 3 Gold

We will have to figure out which dungeons have the best chance of pitting us against elite monsters with high magic item drop rates.

1. The gold stacks in nightmare are several times larger than those in normal, and Hell is even larger than nightmare. In hell, you’re getting stacks of 100-300 Diablo 3 Gold, and in inferno that range can get as high as 700+ in a stack. Granted, that doesn’t drop every time, but it drops enough.

2.Random Dungeon: Den of the Fallen.In addition to the motherlode of goodies you can reap from the Weeping Hollow, there’s a random dungeon that can spawn there, known as the “Den of the Fallen”. The Den of the Fallen is also chock full of champion and rare monsters, as well as treasure chests.

The place is a gold mine, but be careful…the Den of the Fallen is home to some of the toughest mobs in the beta. In fact, I almost lost my Hardcore Barbarian in there when he was level 11! He went up against a group of Champion Plague Carriers – with the “Molten” affix – and almost didn’t make it out.

3. Cave of the Moon Clan is the two level dungeon.Monsters include Dark Moon Clan Warriors, Spiderlings. Possible yellow (rare) enemies such as Zarhym, Thrall of Azmodan.Sources of Loot include Dead Villagers and chests.There is a Treasure Seeker and a Treasure Pygmy Demons you can hit for gold.

Due to the sheer amount of mobs to farm for gold in these dungeons, combined with the number of rares and uniques, you can blast through a level or two in this area pretty quickly. More importantly, though, it’s a great way to start stockpiling gold and farming magic items for crafting materials.