Diablo 3 and Diablo 4 will come certainly

will be officially on sale on May 15, and English and Traditional Chinese version of the client is already available for download. We’ll be able to play this to look forward to a 10-year masterpiece it?

I am afraid that things are not as we imagine such a beautiful. We will face a lot of problems.National dress “Diablo 3” who is going to openThere are a few people will spend hundreds of dollars to buy a game, then had to buy a proxy to play?

Most players will choose the national costume. However, the national dress “Diablo Gold” power of attorney is not yet conclusive, NetEase has not released a message to renew the contract with the Blizzard. In fact, the reason we all know, Blizzard games are integrated into the battle online, battle net who should “Diablo 3” Who owns the same “World of Warcraft”, “Starcraft 2” game with who should. Agents we can do is continue to wait and see.Identified agents have to face a serious problem: for approval. Skeletons in the “World of Warcraft” had meat to the approval, “Diablo 3″ variety of skull, there are those than the skull terror lot of monsters to what kind of change in order to cross the approval?”Diablo 3” national dress who is going to open, when open, this is unknown. Do-it-yourself whether clothed “Presumably many of the “Diablo II” players are using pirated, that is cracked version.

Some time ago the transmission network crazy “Diablo 3” beta crack version actually there are many problems, the players reflect some monster AI will not move, NPC is the stakes will not sell things, artisans totally unusable. It appears cracked version before the monster AI changed on the move over. However, “Diablo 3” mechanism of the game with the “Diablo 2” are not the same, now crack “Great God” even only the first foreground half of the BETA version get it working, how to get the official version of the nightmare, hell, purgatory it?

Like Diablo 2, no on develop for a long time. For example, in the next five years, we will no longer released any new content for Diablo 3, we will develop Diablo 4 or something else. At this point, the ladder system will play a good role. It can keep the game fresh felling, and reset the game’s economic system for cheap Diablo 3 Gold. This is good, but it also has some drawbacks. Maybe one day we will enable this mode, but it is difficult to say when will, and operate in which manner.