Diablo 3 never meant to be a PvP game

Thats the same guy who posted before that barbs are no match for his WF. Another guy set him up against a decent barb and got owned. Afraid to say you’re still imagining things.

Let’s be honest, Diablo 3 never meant to be a PvP game, the only reason it was put in was because of the players’ requests.Diablo 3 Gold.

Secondly, trying to make a PvE based game, where players are supposed to use their different buffs/ abilities together to defeat an enemy, into a PvP game is extremely difficult. Either blizzard had to do some serious balancing with not only skills, but items as well, or they could have just given as an easier way to PvP than dueling, and lets us do it as we please. Which they did.

The only way to have a fair fight is to brawl with you same class, which is very boring, and why I don’t think people should be bothering with PvP in the first place. Cheap Diablo 3 Gold. (Unless your just screwing around for fun)

I see where your coming from, but, unfortunately, nothing is going to be done about it.