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Along with today’s patch 1.0.2b, Blizzard has made a blog post highlighting what will be included in upcoming patch 1.0.3 which is scheduled for late this month.After going over feedback and watching the player base and game evolve over the past few weeks, there are a number of changes in the pipe for this patch.ears and has gained a lot of experiences.

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In order to alleviate this, Acts I and II will now drop the best gear in the game (ilvl 63), albeit at a lower rate than III and IV. Inferno difficulty in both solo and co-op play will be receiving some tuning. Blizzard is happy with Act I’s difficulty, but they agree that the curve when stepping into Act II is a little too steep, so they will be scaling back monster health and damage.

Acts III and IV will also be toned down to make progression from act to act feel smoother. Also, the increased monster damage in group play is being removed as right now it is proving to be a deterent for playing with others. Nephalem Valor is being reworked to guarantee 1 rare item with every champion pack killed once you’re at 5 stacks. To offset this, bosses will now only guarantee 1 rare (down from 2). They’re introducing these changes to give players a reason to keep playing after they hit 5 stacks and kill a boss.

Overall this should net an increase in the number of rares you farm. Blizzard has noticed that the Increased Attack Speed affix is too powerful and is forcing players into taking it over any other stat in most situations. As a result, IAS is going to be nerfed in order to give players more options with other affixes. They are leaning towards simply lowering the values of IAS on items, but the discussion on this issue is open ended and they are taking feedback. Finally, crafters will be happy to learn that the price adjustments are landing in this patch.