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Playing Diablo III is straightforward. Clicking your mouse button performs most of the actions available to you.To move, point your mouse cursor at the spot you’d like to go to, left-click, and your character will walk there, avoiding obstacles on the way. You can also hold your mouse button down to move, dragging your mouse to change direction.

Action Bar

In the bottom center of your screen, you’ll see a bar made up of small squares. This is your action bar.The action bar contains your active skills, class-specific powers that help you slay demons faster or stay alive longer. It also displays powerful limited-use items; specifically, healing potions (default key “Q”).

Using these abilities and items carefully can mean the difference between life and death in tough battles.You use skills in your action bar by pressing the appropriate number key or mouse button (displayed underneath the skill’s icon). For more information on using skills from your action bar, read the Combat and Skills section of this guide.

Other Buttons

To the right of your action bar, you’ll see other buttons:

Town portal: Clicking on the blue circle button (default key “T”) will slowly summon a portal that will return you to the safety of your camp or town. The portal is two-way, so after you’ve finished your business in town, you can return to the wilderness or dungeon you’ve left behind. You’ll unlock the town portal ability early in Act I. Note that only one portal can be opened at a time, and there are some areas where you cannot create a portal.

Skills: Clicking on the sword (default key “S”) will open your Skills window, where you can select and view your abilities. Additional information on your skills can be found in the Combat and Skills section of this guide.

Inventory: Clicking on the silhouette (default key “I”) will open your Inventory window. Your inventory holds the loot you’ve acquired on your journey, both the items you have equipped and what you’re carrying. You can find more information on your inventory in the Inventory section of this guide.

Quests and Journal: Clicking the chalice (default key “J”) will open your quest log, which contains a list of your active quests and a journal describing the creatures and people you’ve encountered. More information on your journal and quests is available in the World section of this guide.

Game Menu: Lastly, clicking the computer icon (default key “ESCAPE”) will open the Game Menu, where you can review and change settings outside of the game.

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