The Mage Clan Wars refers to the conflict

The Mage Clan Wars refers to the conflict between the three most prominent mage clans, the Vizjerei Clan, theEnnead Clan, and the Ammuit Clan that took place several decades after the end of the Sin War .

Amidst the larger Mage Clan Wars, a conflict arose between the supporters of Bartuc and Horazon, the two most powerful Vizjerei Sorcerers of their time. Although this subplot is essential to the final conclusion of the Mage Clan Wars, it itself is not the central conflict.

Soon, Bartuc’s corruption became known by his brother. He advised Bartuc to let go of the demons he controls and practise the more subtle flows of the elements that the Vizjerei were masters of.diablo 3 gold.

But Bartuc, not willing to let his almost endless stream of magic go, declined to follow Horazon’s wish. He declared to his followers that his brother wanted to take away their hard work, the source of magic that made them so powerful. This is when the war started.

The followers of the two brothers fought bitterly, Horazon aided by his experience and controlled power while Bartuc, aided by the corrupting influence of the Prime Evils themselves. To aid him in his battle, the Prime Evils forged a crimson-red armor for Bartuc, which would enable him to rise from the most grievous of wounds and fight. This is what eventually completed his corruption into the Warlord of Blood.