Border Wasteland is a place full of wild species

I encounter the dune thresher (long-tailed lizard point here), people think I went that held the surrounding Huangjiao adventure certainly concerns. The person who has been to have set fire to the same scene, and Miles the uninhabited’s hidden terrorist Beast border Wasteland certainly deep this experience.

In fact, was not always so. Many years ago, I had four duty-bound to go adventure. Border Wasteland is a place full of wild species, even if that held it is difficult compared to the heyday of the land of death.

Border Wasteland was not so much fulfillment rich (another crazy) mining house, until the establishment of a powerful military fortress Lut Bahadur (literally: Guardian of the fortress) to guarantee the cliffs shelter lacuni (leopard) can not threaten card Dean of security. Lut Bahadur, the hermits have guarded this piece of barren land four hundred years after the precious ore found in areas known as the the Stinging Winds (biting sand wind). Town called Alcarnus soon formed, emitting a lot of small settlements here to become a regional mining center. When the third after Dahlgur oasis towns established, that held totally dominate the border Wasteland. Border Wasteland rely on the Dahlgur caravan provides fresh food and fresh water, as well as protected by guards.

But of our youthful monarch Hakan II, decided to no longer support that held barren and abandoned the people. Now, no caravan is safe, refugees began tapping into a border Wasteland refugees. Haikadian the door, our cities urgently in need of rescue. I communicate a long time and a lot of the refugees, they circulated among the legends make the most powerful adventurers stopped. Despite their mysterious worship to summon the story of the crazy army due to their lack of understanding of these things have been decorated their madness, or so I’m sure what terrible things quietly come to the border Wasteland.