Diablo 3 monster undead skull

Immortality is a malignant tumor on Earth, no one would dare to observe their presence and to rid them. When we can stand up to the army of the undead specter of resistance by the mad mage or self-proclaimed God summoned skeletons? Do not think that there is no skeleton attacks we’re safe, we will never be safe in this evil place. They are organized to attack us, remember my words.

Although the skull looks stupid, but we can not underestimate them. We can not lift them from the concerns or ignore their problems. Now is not the time to explore their true nature. I study a lot, let me correct a wrong understanding them. After several months of steep research, I’m going to study the these evil monsters found information published.
Contrary to what I think, a summoned skull is actually from different skeleton bones, rather than from a skeleton. Their structure so that they can be dismantled and reassembled, as long as there is enough bones, you can easily summon skeletons. This is not to say that a skilled wizard can not be everywhere summon skeleton warriors. Easier than in the middle of a forest in the cemetery summon a skeleton army.

In addition, I believe that a skeleton’s intelligence is determined to summon the energy and magic of the shaman range. Theoretically the same mana cost to summon a cunning and clever servant or a team of hundreds of people stupid army. Perhaps because they do not believe that the presence of skeletons found in a victim that they like to hide in the barrel, intermittent gurgling sound in the first three centuries.

Compared with other mindless walking dead and groups hunting ghouls and other undead skull overall much worse, because they can be the group compiled army and command. The evidence shows that it takes only a little more energy, the skull will be able to have the wisdom to use shields to protect themselves and allies. I refer to them as “shield skeletons”, although unlike basic skeleton warriors as a large number, but they are very popular.

If I said above points are not to convince those who doubt this serious issue, we take a look at those skeletons Summoner. The Skeleton Warrior wisdom specialized summon undead army needs to replenish. Join in this mixed undead army Summoner can they become a self-sustaining army forever reborn, followed their masters.

“I think the opposite, in fact each a revival of skeleton warriors in fact not a corpse come,
But by numerous corpses fragments re mosaic. ‘