Darkness Falls Heroes Rise

The Diablo III launch site is now live! The “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” site will reward you and your friends for preparing to face the impeding demonic invasion and rising up as the heroes of Sanctuary. You’ll be able to find new information, videos, unlockable content, contests, a banner customization tool, and your chance to win five exclusive sigils for use on your customizable banner when Diablo III launches. Venture to New Tristram, seek the fallen star, and fulfill your heroic destiny.

Exclusive In-Game Sigil:Each week a new hero will be unlocked on the site, beginning with the demon hunter. During any class’s week, you’ll be able to customize a banner displaying an exclusive class-specific sigil. By entering your Battle.net account information, you will earn that class sigil for use in Diablo III after it’s released. These sigils are only available by customizing a banner on this site during a class’s week, so don’t miss out. As the promotional campaign will move on to a new class each week, the previously unlocked class sigil becomes locked. You can only earn the current week’s class sigil*, so it’s important to come back each week if you want to earn all five.