How To Price on the Diablo 3 Gold?

Determining a good price for an item in Diablo 3 can be a bit tricky. With several stats on each piece of gear, and no item being alike, it’s difficult to assign a specific value to an item. Instead of finding a specific price, you’ll need to estimate a range of prices. The Diablo 3 auction house is definitely a way different animal than the World of Warcraft auction house, and you’ll need to apply a much different strategy to profit from it. Here are a few tips for finding a good price for your Diablo 3 auction house listings.

Find Similar Items to Estimate the Price

You may need to play around with the maximum price a bit until you can narrow the search down to less than 5 pages.Now that you’ve narrowed down your comparison list to items containing those three main stats, the next step is to find items for comparison with any other notable stats on your gear Sort your search results by price with the lowest price at the top, and go down the list until you find one or two similar items. If you don’t have any other good stats to showcase, then the cheapest items in your search will be the ones you’ll use as a point of reference.

Being The Cheapest Isn’t Always Enough

Either way, it’s not time to celebrate or panic! There are still more considerations you must make in determining a good price for your item.Just because your item is the cheapest doesn’t always mean it will sell. The longer an item has been up without being purchased, the less useful it becomes as a point of price comparison.

Choosing a Bid Price and Buyout Price

The first price is the bid price.This gives buyers an opportunity to purchase your item for below the buyout price, possibly opening up the door to more buyers. Most of the time buyers don’t want to wait, and will simply use the buyout. More patient buyers, and people trying to flip Diablo 3 Gold gear on the AH for a profit will be checking the AH for items with a low bid price, so don’t count them out.