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Sounds simple enough, right?  Well, it can go very smoothly or very poorly depending on how you approach the process. Here are some general tips for making the Uber Boss battles more efficient and successful.

1. Consolidation

if you have used one and then use another in the same game, you will get a different boss battle. If you open three portals in the same game, you will gain access to all three Uber boss battles. Therefore, it is advisable to consolidate your Uber boss runs into one game if possible, either by teaming with other players that can provide additional machines, or by waiting until you have three machines of your own to use in one session.

2. Efficiency

You must have five stacks of Nephalem Valor to have a shot at the bosses dropping organs. Similarly, you must have five stacks at the time you defeat any Keywarden in order to have a chance that a key will drop. Once you have the five stacks, the only other factor controlling your drops is what Monster Power level you have selected. Each level adds 10% to your chances of a drop.

3. Winning

In case you are wondering, I personally have four Hellfire Rings and will acquire my fifth tonight.Gear yourself for the boss fights, and make sure you start the run by choosing the skills that will most likely allow you to survive lengthy fights against opponents that have massive health pools and can nearly one-shot many players. Realize that you will have to endure a long fight, and no matter how much damage you can put out, you will have to survive long enough to inflict millions of points worth of damage to win. Although you can restart a failed fight, you must also watch your stacks timer and may have to go refresh your Nephalem valor in between fights.

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